My 3 HTMl turtorials websistes review

w3schools review: W3Schools is a good websites for someone looking to join the coding community. It offers a wide variety of different types of coding. I believe that it's one of the eastiest platform to learn the art of coding. As many other sites, such as, is for more advanced code user. Review: is such an amazing website for the more advanced user. As other sites ,such as w3schools or htmldog,are for the begineers. This really extends it's self from the basic web code and gets into WiFi and other similar coding sources. I highly reccomened this website for individuals who are looking to expand their knowledge. Review: Similar to w3schools, this websistes offer many other resources. One major resource that stands out is there techniques. It's an amazing way to learn pro tips. This may also help make your coding easier and smoother. It also provides many different refrences for users to learn a more advanced way to code.